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“If you ever find yourself in need of an attorney in South Carolina, contact the Law Office of Matt Burgess. Even during the beginning of the pandemic, Matt was able to handle my situation and represent me in my time of need. He handled everything professionally to make sure we came to a positive outcome.”


-Chris (5-Star Google Review)


“I couldn’t be more pleased with Matt’s services. His representation was thorough and professional, and he communicated well through the entire process. Thanks again Matt for your hard work!”


-Lauren (5-Star Google Review)


“Matt Burgess is a professional lawyer that really puts his clients first, retaining him to handle my case was a great choice, I highly recommend his law firm.”


-Loretta (5-Star Google Review)


“Matt was able to help me get a ticket dismissed when several other lawyers in the area either were going to charge more than double or just get the points reduced. Very kind and responsive. Would highly recommend!!”


-Shannon (5-Star Google Review)


“Matt Burgess is an awesome attorney. He had open communication with us from the beginning to the final outcome of the situation... He was absolutely outstanding. We were so grateful to have him as an attorney. Thanks again, Burgess Law Firm!”


-Liana (5-Star Google Review)

“I’d definitely recommend Attorney Matt Burgess. I had a few issues that I needed him to help me get taken care of. He resolved them appropriately and I was more than satisfied with his services. He’s very detailed, thorough, and honest when he’s communicating with you. Thank you for representing me!”


-Ashley (5-Star Google Review)


“Mr. Burgess was extremely professional and detailed in handling my case. All questions and legal processes were handled promptly and efficiently as possible. I cannot thank him enough for his services. Matt is a talented attorney, and I wouldn't hesitate to use him again for any future legal needs.”

-Tyler (5-Star Google Review)


“Mr. Burgess is a fantastic attorney. Our family member had multiple serious driving offenses. Matt Burgess was able to get almost all the charges dismissed and the remaining charge reduced. Without his help we would have been looking at a different outcome. I can't thank him enough for all that he did, and would highly recommend him to anyone.”


-Maureen (5-Star Google Review)


“Matt Burgess has been my attorney for six years now, I was one of his first clients if not his first client. He worked very hard on my case, he is an excellent attorney who believes in hard work and dedication to the legal system. I highly recommend him to anyone battling legal issues. Mr. Burgess has been a blessing in my life and if it was not for him, I don’t know who or where I would be, thank you Matt”


-Sean (5-Star Google Review)


“I am one of those people who really don't pay too much attention into leaving reviews, however I did make an exception this time. What an unbelievable lawyer. When faced with a horrible accusation that could have led to unaffordable payments and possible prosecution, finding a good lawyer was a must. After calling through the long list of attorneys in the area, I called Matt Burgess Law Firm. It was his confidence and empathy that convinced me that he was the attorney for me. Matt was very knowledgeable on what evidence was needed to prove my case and communicated on my behalf in very professional manner. He is a very down to earth guy and made me feel like my case was a priority for him. Matt Burgess proved my innocence with regard to the claim and it was dismissed even before the hearing. Should I ever need a lawyer again, he will be the one I call.”


-Christy (5-Star Google Review)


“Matt was great for helping me with a traffic issue. Quick and responsive, he handled everything like a pro. Would definitely call him again.”


-John (5-Star Google Review)

"I hired Matt after being charged with DUI for taking prescription medication. I was completely satisfied with Matt's representation! He was able to get the case dropped to Reckless Driving. Very pleased, and should I need a lawyer in the future, I will definitely call Matt Burgess."

-Kelly (5-Star Avvo Review)

"When I was shopping around for an attorney I felt Matt was honest and not trying to 'scare' me into hiring him like several other people made me feel. Matt was thorough and professional. He was also communicative and kept me in the loop through the entire process. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. Thanks again Matt!"

-Anonymous (5-Star Avvo Review)

"This man stood behind me when I was going through my situation... He also worked hard on my case and got my charges dismissed... Great service, we need more lawyers around like him."

-Anonymous (5-Star Avvo Review)

"I retained Matt Burgess in a matter involving friction with neighbors and a criminal lawsuit brought against me by the York County Sheriff. Matt listened to my explanations, asked the right questions and understood the matter in all details. He succeeded to settle this case to my complete satisfaction. In addition to that, Matt is a very pleasant person and easy to deal with. I recommend considering Matt for any legal matter which requires a lawyer."

-Dirk (5-Star Avvo Review)

"Mr. Burgess did a great job helping out a friend of my daughter. He worked very hard to have all charges dropped and was successful in doing so. Thank you!"

-Anonymous (5-Star Avvo Review)

"Matt was professional, honest and prompt. My case was eventually dismissed."

-Anonymous (5-Star Avvo Review)


"I thought Matt was the best person for the job! He listened and understood my concerns. He took the appropriate steps to resolve the issue, and I am so appreciative. He was able to quickly get to the conclusion of my problem and resolve it. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney!"

-Elizabeth (5-Star Avvo Review)

"I have used many attorneys across the U.S. for many different things. Matt is one of the best I've ever had the chance to work with. He is efficient and knowledgeable. Handled my case very quickly and got me amazing results. I highly recommend Matt Burgess to anyone needing an attorney. Thanks Matt!!"

-Robert (5-Star Avvo Review)

"Matt was recommended to me by a friend and I couldn't have been happier with the way my case turned out. He really went to work for me from day one. I was charged with DUI and he was able to get the charge dropped. He saved me thousands and the entire process took no more than 2 months. Very happy with the outcome, service, and I would highly recommend Matt to anyone!"

-Graham (5-Star Avvo Review)

"Responsive, diligent, intelligent, honest... What more can you ask for in your attorney?"

-Joshua (5-Star Facebook Review)

"Very professional, responsive, and takes the time to explain everything regarding your case."

-Kelly (5-Star Facebook Review)

"I only selected 5 stars because 10 wasn’t an option."

-Joseph (5-Star Facebook Review)


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