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The Washington Post

"It took 10 minutes to convict 14-year-old George Stinney Jr. It took 70 years after his execution to exonerate him."

The Washington Post

"Judge throws out teen’s murder conviction 70 years after his execution."

The [Rock Hill] Herald

"70-year-old murder conviction of S.C. teen overturned."

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"George Stinney was executed at the age of 14 for the murder of two girls."

Communities Digital News

"Racism and the tragic execution of 14-year-old George Stinney, Jr."

The Charlotte Observer

"70-year-old murder conviction of S.C. teen overturned."

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Fox News

"South Carolina boy, 14, should not have been executed in 1944, judge says."

ABC News4 Charleston

"Judge: 14 year old shouldn't have been executed in SC."


"S.C. Judge Says 1944 Execution Of 14-Year-Old Boy Was Wrong."

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"New trial sought for George Stinney, executed at 14."

Fox News

"Lawyers for South Carolina teen executed in 1944 have new info."

CBS News

"Witnesses challenge 1944 murder conviction of black SC teen."

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The Post and Courier (part 1)

"George Stinney was young, black and sentenced to die."

The Post and Courier (part 2)

"Young lawyer dusts off old evidence to cast doubt on George Stinney's conviction."

The Post and Courier (part 3)

"Quest to clear George Stinney's name draws new scrutiny to another man."

The Post and Courer (part 4)

"New details emerge about an alternate suspect in Alcolu girls' murders."

The Post and Courier (part 5)

"Despite racial wounds, Alcolu residents unite to preserve memories of a bygone heyday."

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